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KN95 automatic mask production line

Model XDJ-M 03-080
Dimensions L8500mm * W1200mm * H2200mm
Weight≤5000kg, ground bearing≤500KG / m2
Working power 380V ± 5%
Production efficiency: 65-80pcs / min Use environment: aseptic workshop

Feature description
This machine is a fully automatic KN95 mask machine, a film machine + double-sided welding ear wire machine + coding, efficient and automatic transmission welding headphones, just put the mask piece continuously
Conveyor line, the machine will automatically weld the ear wire on both sides to produce the finished product. This split-type full-process production equipment has good stability and high durability. Own mask equipment
With many years of experience and rapid iteration, it has stably supplied products that meet the needs of the current epidemic situation, and has delivered a large number of products to many enterprises. Now the production capacity can be increased to meet more orders.

The automatic folding mask production line produced by our factory (typical models such as N95 masks), the whole roll of equipment is loaded, and the multi-layer non-woven fabric roll passes through the composite roll
Welding, welding after nose roll unwinding and cutting, automatic unwinding of two rolls of ear straps, welding after fixed-length cutting, and then the body is folded in half and ultrasonic welding
After fusion, the mask is finally rolled and formed. The masks produced are comfortable to wear, have no sense of pressure, and have a good filtering effect.
It is suitable for medical, electronics, mining, construction and other industries. This machine adopts PLC, touch screen control, and the main conveyor belt adopts one-way motor transmission and transmission
Accurate, stable control, adjustable speed, high productivity and other advantages.